Lake Effects

Lake Effects was written in 2014 for the Great Lakes Trombone Ensemble who premiered the work at the International Trombone Festival on June 4th of that year. The ensemble is made up of trombonists from the finest orchestras in the Great Lakes region, and the piece takes its title from the unpredictable winter weather common throughout the area. Lake Effects begins with a quiet, gently undulating motif interrupted by recitative statements in the bass trombones. This rather austere opening leads to a reverent chorale section featuring a soaring melody in the upper voices. The allegro arrives unannounced in the form of a swirling and slightly menacing theme introduced by bass trombone over a relentless ostinato. After winding its way through a gantlet of permutations, the theme ultimately surrenders to a breakneck-paced finale, a sonic blizzard to evoke the composition’s namesake storms.

The composer wishes to acknowledge his debt of gratitude to the Great Lakes Trombone Ensemble, and especially to Shachar Israel for his efforts in the creation of this work.